Uncensorable Payments for Creators!

Revolutionary Cash is about replatforming the deplatformed and demonetized who want make a living as creators. You will be able to monetize your content with one-time or recurring payments without having to rely on a centralized service. You won’t have to worry about whether you are “popular” with tech gatekeepers. You can even be anonymous.

Revolutionary.Cash is also about reducing the cost of invoicing and collecting payments for businesses. In the digital age, you shouldn’t have to wait a day or more for your payments to clear. You shouldn’t need to pay 3.5% to get your money quickly. (Much less 30% for a livestream-video chat message!) With Revolutionary.Cash, you can get your money nearly immediately at a really low transaction cost. It’s secure and private because it’s decentralized, and encrypted end-to-end.

Coming soon: how to set up!

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